Adrenal Neuroblastoma: A Rare Entity in Adulthood

Sabbiha Nadia Majumder, Mohammad Robed Amin, Pranab Kumar Mallick, Rajib Nath and Mohammad Rafiqul Islam

Neuroblastoma is an extracranial, solid tumour of sympathetic nervous system originating in the sympathetic ganglia and the medullary region of the adrenal gland. They occur mostly during childhood before five years of age. They are rarely reported in adults. Here we report a case of a previously healthy 23-year-old male presented to our medicine department with a palpable abdominal mass with pain as the chief complaint. Clinical evaluation revealed tender hepatomegaly and adjacent another slightly tender mass in the right lumbar region considered an adrenal mass. CT scan of whole abdomen with contrast showed a large lesion in the right adrenal region which was pushing the right kidney laterally, liver superiorly and midline structures towards the left side with invasion of liver. The FNAC from the mass gave us a diagnosis of neuroblastoma. He was put on chemotherapy regimen. Although adrenal neuroblastoma is rare in adulthood, it should be considered in the differential diagnosis for patients with adrenal mass.