Brainwave Controlled Automation

Animesh Singh*, Kamlesh Kumar Yadav, Harshit Kumar, Sachin Sharma, Prabhjeet Singh

The main purpose of this project is to remove the dependency of disabled people on controlling of home electrical things. This project is based on the human brain, as we all know that human brain is itself a complex neurological network of neurons which are connected end to end, inside the brain various frequencies are being generated on doing different activity like eye blinking, concentrating, attention etc. This activity has been taken as an advantage to control the electrical things at home. The disabled people which do not have hand, legs or are in wheelchairs. All these people want a third person to control the light, fan etc., by using this project the brain activity of these disabled people are used to control various things, when he or she thinks about to switch on the something (say lights) then he or she will concentrate on that particular activity then a particular frequency is being generated and this frequency is being measured by the ‘Electroencephalogram sensor’ and it is send to a ‘Think gear AM module’ this module process and send the signal to another bluetooth module which is connected to home electrical system for controlling, so the disabled peoples will control the things just only by brain activity and they will not depend on another person.

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