Identifying Hazardous Location, Predicting the Crash and Providing a Countermeasure on Rural Truck Road

Abebe Biress, Ashenafi Aregawi

The main aim of this thesis was evaluating the statuses of a midblock section of the rural truck road in Awi zone and recommended countermeasures at selected hazardous locations after identifying the causes of the crash. Currently, the issue of traffic safety has become the most considerable concern throughout the world. Especially, the issues that have done the dynamic growth of traffic crash day today, Geometric and traffic control features and traffic volume effect main input variables in the Empirical Bayes method used affect the developing countries including Ethiopia. According to the Awi zone police commission report, road traffic crashes in the study area (20016-2018), 212 crashes observed. The study uses empirical Bayes method to identify hazardous locations on the midblock section of the road. The method also includes safety performance function at base condition and site condition approved in HSM and these methods presented mid-block section of the road. In addition to that, the result shows among the segmented 123 parts of the road 32-road segments identified as hazardous locations. This identification of hazard locations indicates that these sections need urgent attention to diagnose, prioritize, evaluate and give effective solutions to reduce road traffic crash and increase the safety performance of the road. Possible solutions have used trafficcontrolling devices, modification of geometric design parameters.

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